Buenos Aires Port

Buenos Aires and Dock Sud

Lat.: 34o34 'South, Long.: 58o23' West

Located on the right bank of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. At this port are based the headquarters of all Port and Customs authorities.

The port was divided into six terminals and all of them are operated by private companies.

Almost all cargoes are moved thru containers. Consequently, the general cargo operations and project operations are usually done in the few slips available in Dock Sud, or alternatively in the area of Zárate.

Sections 1, 2 & 3 are controlled by "TRP SA", Section 4 is controlled by "Terminal 4 SA", Section 5 is controlled by "BACTSSA", and Section 6 is the only government-controlled and at this time has little activity.

The pier used for Cruises, is within the controlled area of "TRP". The passenger terminal is called "Benito Quinquela Martin" and is located in Section 3. Following a persistent increase in Cruise calls, Section 6 has also been used as alternative berth for these ships.

The port has a berth for yachts called "Puerto Madero". Located in the heart of the city, this area is used by national and foreign yachts, small and medium size as well as submarines and Navy ships.

Port of Zarate.

Lat.: 34o06 'South, Long.: 59o01' West

In the area of Zarate there are several private docks located on the west coast of the Parana River, between the kilometres 100 and 125 of the north of Buenos Aires. From this area there are connections with Buenos Aires and cities of the north and west by highway, and also it is connected with neighbouring countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil through the International Bridge "Zarate Brazo Largo”.

The ports are:

Las Palmas (km 123) small coastal pier and barge services, VITC (km 112.6) Sub Petroleum products / chemicals, TZ Terminal (km 111) General Cargo, Containers and rolling stock / vehicles; Zárate Port (Km 110, 2) bulk and chemical fertilizers, Piapsa (km 102) in compensation.

Customs authorities depend on the Port of Campana Health, Coast Guard and Migration authorities are covered by Zarate.