Port of Puerto Madryn | Chubut

Pier Almirante Storni infrastructure.

The viaduct, which links the waterfront with the mainland, has a length of 1,168 m long and 12 m wide, including a causeway 9 m wide with two traffic lanes and two pedestrian lanes of 1.5 m on each side, it has a projection on the north side for the passage of a conveyor for the discharge of raw materials for the company Aluar.

The system consists of an infrastructure for large-diameter piles placed in groups and linked by heads. This infrastructure serves as the basis for the super structure, consisting of precast prestressed concrete beams


Site 1

It has 216,70 m. At it endings has two dolphins with mooring bollards, one at 25 m westbound and the other at 50 m eastbound. It also has four elastic solid fenders, Super Arc 1600 type with protecting shields and rigging in intermediate areas, it also has six bollards up to 60 Tons. and it cleats distributed along the pier. These facilities have the proper equipment needed for unloading the bulk carriers that bring the cargo to the ALUAR factory. Site 1 is separated from 2 by the conveyor belt for bulk minerals of the company Aluar.

Site 2

Like site 1, it has 216.70 m long. This site operates predominantly with reefer ships and large fishing vessels. It has six fenders with trapezoidal elastic type A-800 and it is covered with buffer zones. It also has six 60 tons bollards and mooring cleats distributed all over the place.

Site 3

It has a length of 198.08 m and a width of 55,06 m . This berth operates mainly with general cargo, containers and break bulk cargoes. Even though this site is dedicated to increase container traffic, it can be used for transshipment operations between fishing vessels and reefer vessels as well.

There are two dolphins with mooring bollards, each one is 25 m from the end of the site. It has three fenders shield type rubber A-1400, which helps the docking operation. Finally, it has 6 x 60 tons bollards and cleats distributed along the quay.

Site 4

It consists of 6 dolphins deployed alongside the viaduct over an area of 200 m, which are used as sites for loading, unloading, berthing, and/or repairs of fishing vessels. Each one has a different entrance, an elastic fender trapezoidal type A-600, placed vertically and a 25 Tons bollard capacity.


Site 5 y 6

At 620 m of the main viaduct, there is a secondary one that connect it with a new fishing dock. It consists of a main road 7 m wide and two side paths 1 m each, and has a length of 217,20 m.

The fishing pier is intended for unloading coastal and daily fishing vessels, whose characteristics vary from 22 to 80 LOA, from 6 to 11 m beam and draft from 3 to 5 m. The maximum displacement of ship design has been set at 2,000 tons.

The pier platform has a width of 29 m and a length 56 m while the elevation is + 7,50 m from the floor level. The longitudinal axis of the Pier presents an angle of 110 ° to the viaduct. It has berthing facilities on metal shields of 1.20 m wide and 6.00 m high, covered with friction material and elastic fenders type 600 ARCO, suitable for a berthing energy of 12 tm.