Our Services

Es nuestra permanente intención de agregar o complementar nuestras actividades, por lo que TAMIC S.A. ofrece, entre otros, los siguientes servicios:

Maritime agency | Passenger ships | StowageCustoms operator | Supply and Procurement Services
Cost Control and Land Port

Maritime agency

Comprehensive Care of ocean or coastal vessels and all related activities.
Full procedures with the Port Authorities.
Crew changes.
Supply of spares parts or supplies, or customs formalities necessary for that purpose.
Liaison with related parties for loading / unloading.
Protecting Agents.

Passenger ships

We efficiently fulfil requirements for any type of ships, including large passenger cruises, having vast experience in the attention of Antarctic vessels and keeping a strong liaison with land tour operators in the area.

• Crew changes.
• Management and baggage.  Luggage handling.
• Full clearance of ship and luggage.
• Migratory clearance of the crew and passengers.
• Special purchases (stationery, furniture, tools, medicines, appliances).
• Repairs on board.
• Provision of medical and dental care and medications on board for crew members.
• Visas for the crew.
• Customs clearance of spare parts, hotel and shop items.


• Operators licensed by the authorities to operate on containers.
• Handling of all types of containers.
• Follow-up time operation.
• Rentals.
• Surveys.
• Container vanning and stripping.
• Own Container yard.
• Own cargo moving equipment.
• Overland hauling cargo.
• Storage.
• Handling and packaging.
• Hauling trucks.
• Interprovincial transport.
• Project Cargo: We have extensive experience in handling heavy, oversized or project, including: unloading the ship, ground transportation, unloading and delivery on the ground or vice versa. 

Customs operator

• Receipt and delivery of cargo to and from Argentina.
• Customs clearance.
• Monitoring of the cargo and logistics.
• Contracting with carriers, air, warehouse and land.
• Multimodal service. 

Supply and Procurement Services
Complying with all requirements of the vessel and its operation:

• Pilotage, boats and mooring
• Stevedoring, tallying and surveys.
• Supplies, spare parts, potable water, fuels and lubricants.
• Recruitment of repair and dry dock.

Cost Control and Land Port

• Accurate and comprehensive management of funds.
• Treatment of prices with suppliers.
• Detailed Breakdown of expenditure.